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**EGRS Remote Ground Release Lifting Shackle: Maximizing Safety and Efficiency in Piling Operations**

**Product Overview:**

Introducing the EGRS Remote Ground Release Lifting Shackle, a pinnacle of engineering designed for the rigors of piling. Developed through years of on-site experience, this lifting shackle exemplifies durability and reliability. It's an essential tool for professionals who prioritize the “Feet on the Ground” approach, ensuring maximum safety during piling processes.

**Key Features:**

1. **Safety-First Design**: With the EGRS Shackle, there's no need for site operatives to compromise their safety. It's perfectly compatible with the Sheet Pile Threader, eliminating the need to work above the top frame level for interlocking or releasing operations.

2. **Versatile Load Capacity**: The shackle is engineered for lifting all steel piles up to 28mm thick, adhering to its safe working load limits. It is specially reinforced to prevent spreading when lifting at challenging angles like 90° to the pile axis.

3. **Diverse Compatibility**: This shackle is adaptable to a wide range of piles, including Larssen ‘U’ piles, Frodingham ‘Z’ piles, and others, without the need for additional parts or component changes. 

4. **Easy Connection**: The ring atop the sling can be effortlessly hooked to standard crane hook blocks or other anchors, facilitating easy and versatile connection options.

5. **Customization Options**: Fitted with a solid steel cross head, the shackles can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

**Model Variations:**

- 5983: 4T EGRS 150 Throat General Assembly

- 5984: 7.5T EGRS 150 Throat General Assembly

- 5985: 10T EGRS 150 Throat General Assembly

- 5986: 7.5T EGRS 250 Throat General Assembly

- 5987: 10T EGRS 250 Throat General Assembly

- GRS-017 ISSA: Optional Remote Release Detent Kit

**Additional Features:**

- Robust cast steel body and high-strength alloy steel plunger.

- Concealed plunger mechanism for maximum protection.

- Easily detachable plunger mechanism for straightforward maintenance.

- Heavy web stiffening for extra durability when lifting from various angles.

- Proof loading to twice the safe working load for assured strength.

- Indicator bar for a clear visual confirmation of engagement.

- Quick coupling and release for enhanced productivity.

- Safety ring to prevent accidental plunger release.

**Model Specifications:**

| Model | Weight (kg) | A | B | C |


| 5983 | 17.5    | Ø22 | 150 | 277 |

| 5984 | 17.5    | Ø28 | 150 | 277 |

| 5985 | 17.5    | Ø35 | 150 | 277 |

| 5986 | 21.5    | Ø28 | 250 | 377 |

| 5987 | 21.5    | Ø35 | 250 | 377 |

**Special Shackles:**

- **Blue Shackles**: New Low-Temperature Shackle, perfect for challenging conditions up to -40°C.

- **Yellow Shackles**: New Wide Throat Shackles, designed for specific pile requirements.

Explore the full range of our EGRS shackles and find the perfect match for your piling needs. For detailed specifications and manual, [click here](#).

Maximize safety, efficiency, and productivity with the EGRS Remote Ground Release Lifting Shackle – a vital addition to your piling equipment inventory.