2023 Soilmec SR-95

2023 Soilmec SR-95

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SR-95 Blue Tech: The Pinnacle of Drilling Innovation

🌟 Elevate Your Drilling Experience with SR-95 Blue Tech

The SR-95 HiT has evolved! Welcome to the Blue Tech version, a harmonious blend of advanced engineering, efficiency, and power.

💡 Revolutionizing Drilling Technology

The SR-95 Blue Tech is more than a rig. It's a commitment to the future of drilling, embodying productivity, flexibility, and functionality.

Key Features of SR-95 Blue Tech:

  • Enhanced Torque & Drilling Axis: For deeper and larger piles.
  • Stage V Diesel Engine: Economical fuel consumption with a low-idle system.
  • Advanced SW350 Main Winch: Superior handling, high extraction force.
  • Redesigned Operator Cabin: Refined for comfort and control.
  • Innovative Hydraulics & Mechanics: For heightened efficiency.

🚀 Ready to Meet All Your Drilling Needs

  • Plug & Play Design: Swift conversion to various technologies.
  • On-board DMS: Simplified machine settings.
  • Direct Quick Change: Fast transition to CFA/DP/TCT/TJ technologies.
  • Unified Cathead: Efficient for CCS and WCS, with CFA Quick Change.
  • Versatile Foot Element: Compatible with both Kelly & CFA.
  • Two VDW Kits: Optimized for Cased Secant Piles.

🛠️ Unmatched Technical Specifications

  • Powerful Diesel Engine: 455 kW (T3/Stage V)
  • Impressive Torque: Max torque of 362 kNm
  • Robust Structure: Weight of 92 tons
  • Innovative CCS System: 313/204 kN pull up/down
  • Dynamic Main Winch: 270 kN capacity
  • Drilling Capabilities:LDP (Large Diameter Pile): Up to 2.7m diameter, 102m depth
  • CFA (Continuous Flight Auger): 1200mm diameter, 34.5m depth
  • CAP/CSP (Cased Augered/Secant Pile): 1000mm diameter, 26.3m pile depth
  • DP (Displacement Pile): Up to 800mm TCT diameter, 33m depth
  • TJ (Turbojet): 1900mm diameter, 33m depth

🌐 Experience the Future of Drilling

Embrace the extraordinary capabilities of the SR-95 Blue Tech. For those who demand excellence in every drill.


* On-board DMSSimplified machine settings.
* Powerful Diesel Engine455 kW (T3/Stage V)
* Innovative CCS System313/204 kN pull up/down
* Dynamic Main Winch270 kN capacity
* TJ (Turbojet)1900mm diameter, 33m depth
* Robust StructureWeight of 92 tons