2023 Soilmec SR-35

2023 Soilmec SR-35

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Introducing the SR-35 Evolution: The Future of Ground Engineering!

🌍 Giant Steps in Piling Rigs - The Soilmec Legacy!

Since 1995, our 30-ton-class piling rigs have redefined ground engineering. From the icy terrains of the Northwest Territories to the historic sites of Pisa, our rigs have conquered diverse landscapes and weather, becoming the global standard.

🚀 The New Era: SR-35 EVO

With over 1500 units sold, we're excited to unveil the SR-35 EVO - a leap in piling rig innovation!

Why SR-35 EVO?

  • Speed & Power: Designed for exceptional performance.
  • Ease of Operation: Simplifying complex tasks.
  • Agility: Mastering every job site with unparalleled finesse.

🛠️ Technical Excellence Unveiled

  • Powerful Diesel Engine: 183/179 kW (T3/Stage V)
  • Impressive Torque: Max torque of 151.6 kNm
  • Optimized Weight: 32.7 tons for robust stability
  • Advanced CCS System: 123.7/101.8 kN pull up/down
  • Mighty Main Winch: 135 kN capacity
  • Versatile Capabilities:LDP (Large Diameter Pile): Up to 3m diameter, 63.4m depth
  • CFA (Continuous Flight Auger): 900mm diameter, 23m depth
  • LHR (Low Head Room): Up to 3m diameter, 23.3m depth, modular mast 7.5/8.8m

🌐 Join the Evolution!

Experience unmatched performance and agility with the SR-35 EVO. Perfect for specialists seeking the best in ground engineering.

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